General Physics

About Physics

Physics is science. One of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, physics investigates how matter and energy change over space and time.

Physics advances technology. Physics is behind all technologies. This course will include Motion, Mechanics, Fluids, Waves, and Electricity and Magnetism.

Physics guides engineering. A knowledge of physics allows engineers to predict how reality behaves, which helps them design, experiment and build.

Physics speaks with math. Mathematics is nothing more than a way to describe relationships precisely. We will use it to examine, create, and explore relationships between physical phenomena. We will be using algebra in this classroom but will also be looking into the power of calculus and it's relationship to reality.



You are required to keep all notes and lab worksheets in a 3 ring binder which will be collected and graded at the end of a unit.

You will also be keeping all graded materials in your manilla folder in your class bin on the bookshelf at the front of the room. These will be used for study and revision before exams or quizzes.


If you were absent, check in after class to see what you missed. If you need to make up an assignment, or have any questions come by my room during my office hours: after school Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

About The Site

This site contains course notes for algebra based high school physics. It was written for my students, but it might be useful for anyone learning physics.

The source code is hosted on github. It's free to use under the MIT license.
The simulations were written in JavaScript, outputting to canvas or SVG.
Math is represented with the typesetting library KaTeX.
Some physics simulations use the 2-D Physics engine matter.js.